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Hi~ My name is meshmacon. Still working 6 day a week, 10 to 12 hours a day. Have been doing this for quite a while and it's very enjoyable.
Ocean sports is my #1 sport. Yes, anything to do with the ocean is good for me. I am very dark in complexion, full blooded Okinawa, and love to eat very simple food in life. I enjoy going out at times to clubs and getting wasted. One morning I forgot and parked my truck in our neighbors garage. LOL!!

Otherwise, I am very easy to get along with and enjoy online a-lot.
Have a nice Weekend Everyone.

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    Aloha! da! Meshimagegreat to see ya!
    Have a jolly good! New Year to you and beloved family.HugiesimageJo.Jo aka mucho names lol.
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    Hello and good afternoon from Nova Scotia, Canada. I am glad to meet you. If you go to Google to view Nova Scotia look for Dartmouth; that is where I live. It is on the central coast of Nova Scotia. Take care. Your friend, Retsel.
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    Wolf Dancer

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    This will be most fun ! Good seeing you Mesh ! You were missed !


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    Reply from meshmacon:

    Wolf Dancer~ Good morning to you. Thanks for that message you sent. Yep, for sure, you know I have missed you a-lot. Good that we are all here once again like before, remember, in the year 2006, LOL!!! This is where I met all of you and I have been here ever since and GOLLY, I just love it, can you tell or what? lol..
    Have a happy day.

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    imageHey Meshy, good to see your page!! lol NOt decorated yet I see. lol

    But it is good to have you with us!!



    Reply from meshmacon:

    imageFlores image Peek-a-boo!!! LOL!!! These characters are the funniest ever. LOL!!
    Yep, did not clean and decorate anything yet. Pretty soon. Yes, pretty soon I will be there. LOL!!
    Hello Flores, "Shaka" to you girl and have a good and safe day. Do you work today?

    mesh image image image image image image image image( these guy's are cracking me up) lol!!
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    Hi Meshy, glad you came to visit me!! lol My new little home here. Where is yours!!?? I will have to see...

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    Reply from meshmacon:

    Goodmorning~ I'll go look for my home. Isn't this mine? No? LOL!! Not to worry, I'll find it in a minute or two or three.LMAO!!!